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PDP Press Releases/ statements


 • 18 Mar 2019: Year of Progress Highlights Need for TB Vaccine Research Support


 • 7 Mar 2019: DNDi remembers Derrick Wong, highly valued Board member

 • 14 Mar 2019: Study shows dramatically shorter treatment for Chagas disease could be just as effective, and significantly safer

 • 21 Feb 2019: R&D Portfolio Update February 2019: DNDi Mycetoma programme

 • 21 Feb 2019: R&D Portfolio Update February 2019: DNDi Filarial diseases programme

• 21 Feb 2019: R&D Portfolio Update February 2019: DNDi Chagas disease programme

• 21 Feb 2019: R&D Portfolio Update February 2019: DNDi Leishmaniasis programme

• 21 Feb 2019: R&D Portfolio Update February 2019: DNDi Sleeping sickness programme


• 7 Mar 2019: FIND commitment to diversity and inclusion recognised in 2019 Global Health 50/50 report

• 14 Mar 2019: FIND extends Neglected Tropical Diseases portfolio to include Schistosomiasis

• 25 Mar 2019: World Tuberculosis Day 2019: A message from our CEO


  •  12 Dec 2018: GARDP, Eisai and Takeda announce partnership in the search for new antibiotics


  •  15 Jan 2019: First clinical results of PlacMalVac project published


 • 25 Sep 2018: GSK candidate vaccine helps prevent active pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV negative adults in phase II study

TB Alliance

•  8 Mar 2019: TB Medicine Pretomanid Enters Regulatory Review Process in the United States

•  20 Mar 2019: Statement on Building a Tuberculosis Free World: The Lancet Commission on Tuberculosis


 • 16 Jan 2019: Two positive phase III studies of tafenoquine for the radical cure of Plasmodium vivax malaria published in The New England Journal of Medicine

•  29 Jan 2019: MMV and DNDi make 400 compounds available to stimulate research into new drugs for pandemic diseases


  •  11 Mar 2019: Leading humanitarian, development, and global health organizations urge Congress to reject cuts to foreign assistance

 •  15 Jan 2019: Vietnam-produced seasonal influenza vaccine licensed for production and use

PDP Funder Announcements


Wellcome Trust

Funder Announcement Archives

     •     2014 PDP Funder Announcements

     •     2013 PDP Funder Announcements

New PDP Publications

•  Sep 7: IPM 2017 Annual Report. IPM

•  Sep 11: DNDi 2017 Annual Report. DNDi

•  Sep 25: EVI 2017 Annual Report. EVI

Other Reports/ Publications

• Feb 2019: Guidelines for malaria vector control. WHO

• Feb 2019: When the Drugs Don’t Work Antibiotic Resistance as a Global Development Problem. React Group

• Feb 2019: Challenges and opportunities for innovation, access and delivery of health technologies: Why a global dialogue?, background paper. Uniting Efforts for Global Health

Related Press Releases/ Announcements/ non-Peer Reviewed Articles

•  1 Mar: How to fix tuberculosis R&D—the community speaks. Nature

•  1 Mar: Are We Headed for a New Era of Malaria Drug Resistance?. The Scientist

•  1 Mar: Mimicking Holes in HIV Coating Key to Vaccine Design. Technology Networks

•  4 Feb: An atlas of HIV’s ‘escape routes’ could improve vaccine design. Fierce Biotech

•  4 Mar: Scientists developing new vaccine strategy for tuberculosis. MedicalXpress

•  5 Mar: UK patient 'free' of HIV after stem cell treatment. BBC

•  5 Mar: The World Needs Better Drugs for TB. We Have a Proposal—and We Need your Feedback. Center for Global Development

•  5 Feb: New Funding Partnership To Develop Innovative Drugs For Leishmaniasis. Health Policy Watch

•  5 Feb: WHO Benchmarking Tool Made “More Transparent” In Evaluating Regulatory Authorities. Health Policy Watch

•  6 Mar: MSF questions affordable access to CEPI-supported vaccines. CIDRAP

•  6 Mar: African Heads Of State Endorse Continental Medicine Regulator. Health Policy Watch

•  6 Mar: Bayer launches combination insecticide to fight resistance malaria. Reuters

•  6 Mar: Preparing for the outbreak: helping research swing into action in central Africa. Horizon Magazine

•  7 Mar: Drug resistance could make 28 million people poor. SciDevNet

•  7 Mar: Malaria vaccine trial gets hard-won funds. Australian Associated Press

•  7 Mar: CROI 2019: Two “game changing regimens” together show promise for preventing TB in people living with HIV. Science Speaks

•  8 Mar: CEPI Board Reaffirms Commitment To Safeguard Access To New Vaccines. Health Policy Watch

•  8 Mar: FDA accepts NDA for pretomanid in combination TB regimen. Healio

•  11 Mar: Battle over CEPI's access to vaccines policy deepens. Devex

•  11 Mar: Anti-malarial shows promise in human clinical study. Phys.org

•  11 Mar: Expert says gene editing could be 'promising' path to HIV cure. The Hill

•  11 Mar: ODA for Research & Development: Too Much of a Good Thing?. CGD

•  12 Mar: Why the Italian health minister is pushing for global transparency on drug pricing. STAT

•  12 Mar: Global 'pandemic' of fake drugs killing children worldwide, report says. CNN

•  13 Mar: What next in the fight against Lassa fever?. Devex

•  13 Mar: Drug-releasing coil in stomach could provide better treatment for TB. New Scientist

•  13 Mar: Mosquito-killing drug cuts malaria  by a fifth in children. The Telegraph

•  14 Mar: STREAM Trial: Nine-month regimen for drug-resistant tuberculosis brings “promising cure rates”. Science Speaks

•  14 Mar: Mosquito-killing drug offers new tool for fighting malaria. Thomson Reuters Foundation

•  15 Mar: DNDi-led Study Finds Safer, Shorter Treatment For Debilitating Chagas Disease. Health Policy Watch

•  15 Mar: CUGH 2019: Researchers say training, resources for the “private sector,” including traditional healers, will be critical to TB control. Science Speaks

•  15 Mar: Curing HIV just got more complicated. Can CRISPR help? Science

•  15 Mar: Doctors Without Borders blasts coalition working on vaccine development. STAT

•  18 Feb: Italy Floats Proposal For New Deal On Drug Pricing At World Health Assembly. Health Policy Watch

•  19 Mar: FDA issues guidances for long-acting PREP, pediatric HIV drug development. BioCentury

•  19 Mar: Evotec And GARDP Announce New Partnership To Discover Novel Antibiotics. Digital Journal

•  20 Mar: WHO finalizes MDR-TB treatment guidance recommending shift from injections. Science Speaks

•  20 Mar: Gigantic EU research programme takes shape. Nature

•  20 Mar: Wiping out TB by 2045 could cost up to $10bn  a year. The Telegraph

•  20 Mar: Key to saving lives of newborns lies in half a teaspoon of blood, study claims. The Guardian

•  20 Mar: New WHO recommendations to accelerate progress on TB. WHO

•  20 Mar: A global hub for antimicrobial resistance is taking shape. Devex

•  20 Mar: Developing vaccines and therapies for the highly pathogenic Nipah and Hendra viruses. AP

•  21 Mar: CDC U.S., global TB data highlight worldwide needs for extended screening, preventive treatment, access to newest medicines. Science Speaks

•  21 Mar: We Have A New Roadmap To A World Without Tuberculosis. Huffington Post

•  21 Mar: Mosquito-killing drug ‘reduced malaria in children’. SciDevNet

•  22 Mar: Q&A: Why the world needs science and partnerships to tackle TB. Devex

•  22 Mar: Tuberculosis: could a new vaccine soon be on hand?. The Guardian

•  22 Mar: TDR collaborations build regional networks and research capacity to fight TB. TDR

•  23 Mar: TB ‘can be eradicated’ with funding push. SciDevNet

•  23 Mar: Tuberculosis: older than time, tougher than nails. Thomson Reuters Foundation

•  24 Mar: A Painless Microneedle Patch For Diagnosing Tuberculosis. Forbes

•  25 Feb: Japan scientists win backing for work on potential Nipah vaccine. Reuters

•  25 Feb: New opportunities to prevent P. vivax malaria relapse. WHO

•  25 Mar: Access To Essential Medicines – Charles Gore Speaks About MPP’s Expanding Role. Health Policy Watch

•  26 Feb: Global Accelerator Network On Antibacterial Research Expands. Health Policy Watch

•  27 Feb: CEPI awards US $34million contract to CureVac to advance The RNA Printer™—a mRNA vaccine platform that can rapidly combat multiple disease. CEPI

•  27 Feb: Improving resource mobilisation for global health R&D: a role for coordination platforms?. BMJ Global Health

•  27 Feb: Study finds potential new weapon in fight against malaria. France 24

•  28 Feb: U.S. firm led by Japanese researcher to start clinical trial of new malaria vaccine. Japan News

•  28 Feb: Big pharma is embracing open-access publishing like never before. Nature

Articles/ Reports on PDP related issues (peer reviewed) 

A Trial of a Shorter Regimen for Rifampin-Resistant Tuberculosis. A Nunn, et al, NEJM, DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1811867 Mar 13 2019.

Building a tuberculosis-free world: The Lancet Commission on tuberculosis. M Reid, et al, The Lancet, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(19)30024-8. Mar 20 2019.

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