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PDP Press Releases/ statements


 • 10 Dec 2018: Six Distinguished Leaders in Global Health Join IAVI Board of Directors

 • 9 Oct 2018: Phase I trial to evaluate safety and immunogenicity of vaccine candidate engineered to elicit targeted immune response against HIV

 • 22 Oct 2018: IAVI and Serum Institute of India to Develop and Manufacture Globally Affordable and Accessible Antibody Products for HIV


 • 16 Nov 2018: European Medicines Agency recommends fexinidazole, the first all-oral treatment for sleeping sickness


• 9 Dec 2018: FIND awarded for expanding paediatric TB diagnosis in India

• 14 Dec 2018: ILBS & FIND kick off capacity building activities to implement the head-start project

• 21 Nov 2018: FIND establishes “Voices for Diagnosis” annual prize to recognise and enable innovative approaches that improve diagnostic access on low-and middle-income countries


  •  12 Dec 2018: GARDP, Eisai and Takeda announce partnership in the search for new antibiotics


 • 25 Sep 2018: GSK candidate vaccine helps prevent active pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV negative adults in phase II study

TB Alliance

•  4 Dec 2018: Global TB Research Funding Continues to Fall Short

•  11 Dec 2018: Schrödinger and TB Alliance Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Tuberculosis Drug Discovery

•  28 Nov 2018: TB Alliance Receives GHTC Partnership Award for Development of Child-Friendly TB Medicines


 • 7 Dec 2018: Open source effort identifies hundreds of compounds that could protect vulnerable populations from malaria

•  19 Nov 2018: World Malaria Report highlights importance of country-led efforts to defeat malaria in highest burden countries

•  21 Nov 2018: Access to Medicines Index highlights role of collaboration in stimulating R&D


  •  30 Nov 2018: Vietnam launches national program for pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV

PDP Funder Announcements


Wellcome Trust

Funder Announcement Archives

     •     2014 PDP Funder Announcements

     •     2013 PDP Funder Announcements

New PDP Publications

•  Sep 7: IPM 2017 Annual Report. IPM

•  Sep 11: DNDi 2017 Annual Report. DNDi

•  Sep 25: EVI 2017 Annual Report. EVI

Other Reports/ Publications

• Dec 3 2018: Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends 2005 – 2017. Treatment Action Group

• Nov 19 2018: High burden to high impact: a targeted malaria response. WHO

• Nov 19 2018: Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance. Wellcome Trust et al

• Nov 20 2018: 6th Access to Medicine Index. Access to Medicines Foundation

• Nov 2018: Intensified multilateral cooperation on global public goods for health: three opportunities for collective action. Duke University

Related Press Releases/ Announcements/ non-Peer Reviewed Articles

•  1 Nov: New treatments offer hope for tropical diseases in Africa. The East African

•  1 Dec: ‘From Nothing to Gangbusters’: A Treatment for Sickle-Cell Disease Proves Effective in Africa. New York Times

•  2 Dec: LSHTM partner in UK’s first-ever dedicated Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre. LSHTM

•  3 Dec: WHO Director Tedros Gives Thoughts On Access To Medicines, Gene Editing, Ebola. IP Watch

•  3 Dec: Global map of HIV reveals challenge to vaccine development. MedicalXpress

•  4 Dec: Are we on the cusp of a breakthrough in Ebola treatment?. The Guardian

•  4 Dec: Novartis Social Business: Blending profit with purpose. Healthcare Global

•  4 Dec: Janssen, Merck chip in for $100M U.K. vaccine center to help fight epidemics. FiercePharma

•  5 Dec: WHO Emergencies Head Praises Collaboration With Pharma On Ebola, Calls For Expanded “Strategic” Collaboration. Health Policy Watch

•  6 Dec: Opinion: It takes a coalition to defeat antimicrobial resistance. Devex

•  6 Dec: Canada to donate additional CA$10 mil to CEPI for anti-epidemic efforts. Homeland Preparedness News

•  7 Nov: Release of the 2018 Assessment Report of the Global Vaccine Action Plan. WHO

•  7 Nov: African scientists are closer than ever to developing a malaria vaccine. Quartz

•  7 Dec: Researchers explore new way of killing malaria in the liver. AFP News

•  7 Dec: Gene drives could end malaria. And they just escaped a UN ban. Vox

•  8 Dec: Researchers explore new way of killing malaria in the liver. CTV News

•  10 Dec: Scientists to test tailor-made vaccine tech to fight epidemics. Reuters

•  10 Dec: PATH Report: Uniform Regulatory Review For New Medicines In Eastern, Southern Africa Could Save 23,000 Lives Annually. Health Policy Watch

•  10 Dec: In Remote Villages, Surprising New Measures Save Children With Malaria. New York Times

•  10 Dec: Experts Call For Global Accountability Mechanism For Access To Essential Medicines. Health Policy Watch

•  10 Dec: Epidemic preparedness: why is there a need to accelerate the development of diagnostics?. The Lancet Infectious Diseases

•  12 Dec: $14.5m Gates Foundation grant to help improve global healthcare. Imperial College

•  12 Dec: The challenges of bringing malaria innovations to scale. Devex

•  12 Dec: How Indian biotech is driving innovation. Nature

•  12 Dec: Global funding for tuberculosis research hits all-time high. Nature

•  12 Dec: Opinion: To end malaria, we cannot ignore the reality of poor-quality medicines. Devex

•  12 Dec: Vaccines group plots path through conflict, instability, epidemics. Reuters

•  12 Dec: Researchers Identify Compounds That “Block & Lock” HIV. POZ

•  12 Dec: Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation turns to IFFIm to accelerate funding for new vaccine development. GAVI

•  13 Dec: Study maps malaria parasite giving hope for vaccine. Xinhua

•  13 Dec: Drug targets for Ebola, Dengue, and Zika viruses found in lab study. MedicalXpress

•  13 Dec: Interview: Gates Foundation CEO on global progress in 2018, and the biggest threat to the world’s future. Geek Wire

•  14 Dec: Gates Foundation CEO on the importance of innovation, but also prioritization. Devex

•  14 Dec: HIV vaccine protects non-human primates from infection. MedicalXpress

•  14 Dec: Antibiotic R&D Group To Screen Pharma Chemical Libraries For Antibacterial Compounds. Health Policy Watch

•  14 Dec: Studies on transmission, vaccine bring focus back to Zika. CIDRAP

•  15 Nov: A vaccine that could block mosquitoes from transmitting malaria. The Conversation

•  15 Nov: Ban on ‘gene drives’ is back on the UN’s agenda — worrying scientists. Nature

•  17 Dec: The World Needs a Urine Test for TB. But It’s Already Here. New York Times

•  17 Dec: WHO To Form Expert Panel On Challenges Of Human Gene Editing. IP Watch

•  17 Dec: Q&A: How to ensure global access to medicines that work. Devex

•  19 Nov: WHO and partners launch new country-led response to put stalled malaria control efforts back on track. WHO

•  19 Nov: World Malaria Report 2018: 3 critical questions. Devex

•  19 Nov: WHO 2018 Malaria report finds increased cases amid stalled responses. Science Speaks

•  19 Nov: Ghana hosts Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Call to Action. British High Commission Accra

•  19 Nov: Why Don’t We Have Vaccines Against Everything?. New York Times

•  20 Nov: Drug resistant malaria found in Bengal. The Telegraph

•  20 Nov: Clinical trial of injectable ARV drug starts in Uganda. The East African

•  20 Nov: One trend in access to medicines may be cause for concern. Devex

•  20 Nov: Scientists unveil completely human platform for testing age-specific vaccine responses. MedicalXpress

•  20 Nov: Big pharma 'failing to develop urgent drugs for poorest countries'. The Guardian

•  20 Nov: EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative brings collaborative power to development of drugs. The Financial Times

•  21 Nov: UK pledges £5m to fight 'super gonorrhoea'. The Telegraph

•  23 Nov: Gene Editing: Fears Lead To Call For Moratorium At CBD, Discussions Ongoing. IP Watch

•  23 Nov: Opinion: 3 ways to strengthen multilateral cooperation on global public goods. Devex

•  26 Nov: Closing the TB Funding Gap. Project Syndicate

•  26 Nov: FDA says it will overhaul criticized medical device system. AP

•  27 Nov: Gene drive should be a nonprofit technology. STAT

•  28 Nov: Global health disruptors: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. BMJ Opinion

•  29 Nov: Good news in the fight to stop one of the world’s oldest diseases. Gates Notes

•  29 Nov: Pharma industry delays development and availability of paediatric formulations of HIV medicines. MSF

•  29 Nov: Gavi Board starts framing Alliance's approach to 2021-2025 period. Gavi

•  29 Nov: Modified malaria drug proven effective at inhibiting Ebola. MedicalXpress

•  29 Nov: Senator Blunt, Rep. DeLauro, and developers of child-friendly TB medicines honored with GHTC Innovating for Impact Awards. GHTC

•  30 Nov: Continued Investments In Malaria Vaccine Development, Other Prevention Tools Necessary To ‘Turn The Tide,’ Malaria Vaccine Initiative Director Says. Kaiser Family Foundation

•  30 Nov: Vaccines: our greatest hope in defeating AIDS, Ebola, TB, and other infectious diseases. STAT

•  30 Nov: Is a cure for Aids within reach?. The Guardian

•  30 Nov: AIDS treatment has progressed, but without a vaccine, suffering still abounds. The Conversation

•  30 Nov: ‘Gene drive’ research to fight diseases can proceed cautiously, U.N. group decides. Washington Post

Articles/ Reports on PDP related issues (peer reviewed) 

Open-source discovery of chemical leads for next-generation chemoprotective antimalarials. Y Antonova-Koch, et al. Science, DOI: 10.1126/science.aat9446, Dec 7 2018.

Boosting quality diagnostics could give Africa better health. M Makoni, The Lancet, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(18)33116-7, Dec 8 2018.

A global accountability mechanism for access to essential medicines. M Simao, et al. The Lancet, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(18)32986-6 , Dec 8 2018.

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