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PDP Press Releases/ statements


 • 18 May 2018: DNDi and GARDP Call for Nominations for Treasurer of their Boards of Directors

• 12 Apr 2018: New affordable hepatitis C combination treatment shows 97% cure rate

• 13 Apr 2018: Clinical trial to find new treatment for visceral leishmaniasis begins in eastern Africa

• 13 Apr 2018: Drug approved in Argentina for treatment of Chagas disease in children


  •  3 May 2018: FIND’S transboundary HAT elimination programme

  •  21 May 2018: FIND pilots partnership-based business model for outbreak response as first investment in new epidemic preparedness strategy

•  22 May 2018: UK Government collaborates with FIND to boost diagnostic connectivity to help combat the global threat of antimicrobial resistance


     •  26 Apr 2018: South African Medical Research Council funds GARDP efforts to deliver new antibiotics for drug-resistant infections


     •  18 May 2018: IAVI Announces Renewed Support from the Danish Government


     •  27 Apr 2018: MMV’s contributions to malaria commended at MIM conference


     •  4 May 2018: PATH names Michael Fahey as Chief Information Officer

     •  7 May 2018: New management training for immunisation leaders kicks-off in Kigali


     •  22 May 2018: New PLOS Channel brings together science, R&D, policy, and public health research for the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) community

     •  22 May 2018: GARDP’s efforts for drug-resistant gonorrhoea treatment receive boost from UK government

PDP Funder Announcements


Funder Announcement Archives

     •     2014 PDP Funder Announcements

     •     2013 PDP Funder Announcements

New PDP Publications

•  Apr 2018: Turning the Tide: Annual Report 2017. TB Alliance

•  Apr 20 2018: HCV Diagnostics Market Intelligence Report 2017. FIND

Other Reports/ Publications

•  May 2018: The Stories of HIV Vaccines in 2018—From science to stakeholder engagement. AVAC

•  May 2018: Global report on insecticide resistance in malaria vectors: 2010–2016. WHO

Related Press Releases/ Announcements/ non-Peer Reviewed Articles

•  1 May: As White House seeks big cuts in global health research, new state-by-state analysis shows US government investment brings jobs, health security to states while saving millions of lives worldwide. Global Health Technologies Coaltion

•  3 May: Report harassment or risk losing funding, says top UK science funder. Nature

•  3 May: Analysis: Global health research and development spending comes home, in disease solutions and dollars. Science Speaks

•  3 May: Mosquitoes flock to human blood when thirsty, new study finds. Telegraph

•  3 May: Discovery of malaria parasite survival genes offers new targets. Reuters

•  4 May: Laced With Two Insecticides, New Nets Protect Children From Malaria. New York Times

•  5 Apr: Study finds more than 80 percent of patients needing WHO recommended last resort treatment for drug-resistant TB not getting it. Science Speaks

•  4 May: Civil Society Key In TRIPS Flexibility Implementation. IP Watch

•  7 May: Universal antibody drug for HIV-1 prevention and immunotherapy. Science Daily

•  7 May: Unitaid Calls For Proposals On TB, Hails New Insecticide. IP Watch

•  7 May: To Vex the Vectors, Look Beyond Vaccines. Global Health Now

•  8 May: Study shows malaria parasite collects in bone marrow. CIDRAP

•  8 May: Striking Back: Snakebites Gain Global Attention. PLOS

•  9 May: Where Are We in the Fight Against AMR?. Project Syndicate

•  9 May: Sudden Departure Of White House Global Health Security Head Has Experts Worried. Huffington Post

•  9 May: Trump’s 'America First' agenda on drug pricing could backfire around the world. Politico

•  9 May: Early PrEP uptake in Africa study gives support for possibility of wider acceptance. Science Speaks

•  10 May: Why The World Needs Pop-up Vaccine Factories. Huffington Post

•  10 May: Q/A: Catalysing investment in innovation, R&D in Africa. SciDevNet

•  10 May: Watch the moment HIV infects new host: footage is helping scientists develop a vaccine. Newsweek

•  11 May: Ebola Erupts Again in Africa, Only Now There’s a Vaccine. New York Times

•  11 May: Getting contraceptives for men to the market will take pharma’s help. STAT

•  11 May: Ebola Returns Just as the White House Loses Its Top Biodefense Expert. The Atlantic

•  11 May: New strains of leishmaniasis may hit elimination plans. SciDevNet

•  12 Apr: New weapon in malaria fight - a better bed net. Reuters

•  14 May: Grand Challenges: Fueling Innovation in Global Health and Development. Impatient Optimist

•  14 May: Wherever you are, time is running out for treating gonorrhoea. Mosaic

•  14 May: What we’re reading: Drug prices and global free-loading? Or pharmaceutical free-loading?. Science Speaks

•  14 May: Why Ebola keeps coming back. BBC

•  14 May: Inovio's HIV vaccine shows positive effect in early-stage study; shares up 8% premarket. Seeking Alpha

•  15 May: GHTC welcomes launch of first-ever WHO list of essential diagnostic tests. GHTC

•  15 May: Report: Develop surveillance, diagnosis, treatments and vaccines to prepare for catastrophic pandemic potential pathogens. Science Speaks

•  15 May: UN health agency launches new diagnostic tool to ensure effective treatment. UN News

•  15 May: AI Health tech start-up powers TB detection. BioSpectrum India

•  16 May: Health care is an essential human right – and so is a proper diagnosis. The Conversation

•  16 May: With new Tableau partnership, UN looks to modernize data sharing. Devex

•  16 May: World unprepared for a new HIV epidemic. SciDevNet

•  16 May: WHO Essential Diagnostics List provides guide to tools needed for global health responses. Science Speaks

•  17 May: Mosquito spit primes your body for disease—so scientists want to make an anti-saliva vaccine. Popular Science

•  17 May: More than a living syringe: Mosquito saliva alone triggers unexpected immune response. Science Daily

•  17 May: The Rise of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies. AVAC

•  17 May: UNAIDS urges a scaling up of HIV vaccine research to stop new infections. UNAIDS

•  17 May: Mosquito spit primes your body for disease—so scientists want to make an anti-saliva vaccine. Popular Science

•  17 Apr: Demand for good, rapid malaria tests outstrips supply. Financial Times

•  18 May: Ugandan researchers join hunt for HIV vaccine. New Vision

•  18 May: Healthy competition intensifies 30-year quest for HIV vaccine. MedicalXpress

•  18 Apr: Malaria experts fear disease's resurgence. BBC

•  18 Apr: Invest in mosquito surveillance to combat malaria, says Bill Gates. Guardian

•  18 Apr: Opinion: African experts warn big changes needed to eliminate malaria. Devex

•  18 Apr: War on malaria: on the brink of a breakthrough?. Telegraph

•  18 Apr: Glaxo, Novartis Join $4 Billion Gates-Led Push to Fight Malaria. Bloomberg

•  18 Apr: Bill Gates pledges billions to fight malaria. BBC

•  18 Apr: For a smarter way to beat malaria we need a data revolution in Africa. Politics Home

•  18 Apr: Gates Sees Vaccine Technology Promise as Drug Resistance Rises. Bloomberg Technology

•  18 Apr: Chasing A New Way To Prevent HIV: Passive Immunization. NPR

•  18 May: Experimental drugs poised for use in Ebola outbreak. Nature

•  19 Apr: 120,000 kids to get vaccine for malaria in pilot roll-out. Kenya Star

•  19 Apr: Gates Sees Vaccine Technology Promise as Drug Resistance Rises. Bloomberg Technology

•  19 Apr: Progress against malaria has stalled, a resurgence would be catastrophic. The Times

•  19 Apr: Revised SAGE recommendation on use of dengue vaccine. WHO

•  21 May: First Ebola vaccines given as WHO seeks to beat Congo outbreak. Reuters

•  21 May: CEPI Partners with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative to Advance Lassa Fever Vaccine Development.  CEPI

•  21 May: For First Time, W.H.O. Names Some Lab Tests ‘Essential. New York Times

•  21 May: We finally have an Ebola vaccine. And we’re using it in an outbreak. Vox

•  22 May: Global Antimicrobial Resistance R&D Hub Launched At Health Assembly. IP Watch

•  22 May: Strong Clinical Research Capacity in At-Risk Countries Key to Global Epidemic Prevention. The World Bank

•  22 May: UK government and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation join CARB-X Partnership in fight against superbugs. CARB-X

•  22 May: The Antimicrobial Resistance Channel – uniting the four pillars of AMR research. PLOS

•  22 May: Research fairness tool reveals policy gaps. Science Speaks

•  22 May: Malaria genetics: study shows how disease became deadly. BBC

•  23 May: Keeping Your Cool — Doing Ebola Research during an Emergency. New England Journal of Medicine

•  23 May: Excitement over use of Ebola vaccine in outbreak tempered by real-world challenges. STAT News

•  23 May: Why the world needs more than one Ebola vaccine. Reuters

•  24 May: WHA Agrees On Drafting Of Roadmap For Access To Medicines And Vaccines; US Blasts Compulsory Licences. IP Watch

•  24 May: U.S. biotechs to speed work on Nipah vaccine as virus hits India. Reuters

•  24 Apr: Fake drugs are one reason malaria still kills so many. The Conversation

•  25 Apr: World Malaria Day 2018: Facts, Symptoms of Disease Carried by Mosquitos. Newsweek

•  25 May: Q&A: Sally Davies on the rising threat of antimicrobial resistance. Devex

•  25 Apr: Time for EU to take charge of global health research agenda. EU Observer

•  25 Apr: Shoebox-sized lab can diagnose infectious diseases from a drop of blood. STAT

•  25 Apr: Global malaria elimination hinges on Africa, experts say. Devex

•  25 Apr: Ghana, Kenya and Malawi to pilot world's first malaria vaccine. Al Jazeera

•  25 Apr: ExxonMobil Announces Further Efforts to Fight Malaria. Business Wire

•  25 Apr: Lack of investment in the main weapon in the fight against malaria is costing us dearly. Institute of Tropical Medicine

•  25 Apr: Get malaria response ‘back on track,’ UN says, as progress stalls and funding flatlines. UN News

•  25 Apr: Q&A: Malaria research efforts open a 'window of opportunity'. Devex

•  25 Apr: Q&A: WHO malaria director on rearming ourselves for the fight. Devex

•  25 Apr: A Possible Malaria Vaccine Poisons the Anopheles Mosquito. Voice of America

•  26 May: Essential diagnostics: a lever for health systems reform?.  Lancet Editorial

•  27 Apr: Bill Gates calls for new ideas for a universal influenza vaccine. Devex

•  27 Apr: Bill Gates is donating $12 million to help develop a universal flu vaccine. Quartz

Articles/ Reports on PDP related issues (peer reviewed) 

•  In vitro and in vivo pharmacodynamics of three novel antileishmanial lead series.  M Van den Kerkhof, et al, International Journal for Parasitology, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijpddr.2018.01.006, Apr 2018.

•  Ethical responsibilities of health research funders to advance global health justice.  B Pratt, et al, Global Public Health, DOI: doi.org/10.1080/17441692.2018.1471148, May 4 2018.

• Assessment of community-level effects of intermittent preventive treatment for malaria in schoolchildren in Jinja, Uganda (START-IPT trial): a cluster-randomised trial. S Staedke, et al., The Lancet Global Health, DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1016/S2214-109X(18)30126-8, Apr 13, 2018.

• Effectiveness of a long-lasting piperonyl butoxide-treated insecticidal net and indoor residual spray interventions, separately and together, against malaria transmitted by pyrethroid-resistant mosquitoes: a cluster, randomised controlled, two-by-two factorial design trial. P Propoptoff, et al., The Lancet, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(18)30427-6, Apr 21, 2018.

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