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PDP Press Releases/ statements


 • 1 Jul 2019: University of Oslo, IAVI, and THSTI to Develop HIV Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies as a Prevention Product for Affordable Global Access


 • 15 Aug 2019: DNDi congratulates the TB Alliance for the FDA approval of a desperately-needed new treatment for drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis


• 4 Jul 2019: FIND signs US$14.5 M grant with UNITAID to evaluation next-generation sequencing for rapid, affordable diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis in resource-limited settings

• 17 Jul 2019: Nationwide Hepatitis C screening campaign initiated by the Malaysian Ministry of Health

• 20 Jul 2019: FIND and ILBS launch the “Delhi Model” and call for joint action ahead of World Hepatitis Day 2019

• 26 Jul 2019: FIND India joins hands with the government of Punjab to screen for Hepatitis C Virus among prison inmates


 •  26 Jun 2019: GARDP announces ‘5 BY 25’ goal in response to the growing burden of antibiotic resistant infections


 •  10 Sep 2019: International partnership to advance the clinical development of a new vaccine against Shigella and ETEC


 • 2 Apr 2019: Final Aeras Annual Report

TB Alliance

•  14 Aug 2019: FDA Approves New Treatment for Highly Drug-Resistant Forms of Tuberculosis


 • 9 Sep 2019: Two reports on malaria eradication underline need for new tools and interventions


•  9 Jul: PATH applauds recognition for frontline treatment of childhood diarrheal disease by the World Health Organization

•  16 Jul: PATH welcomes Abayomi Sule, Rachel Sibande, and Lisa Anderson to its board of directors

•  22 Jul: PATH’s research on differentiated care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo recognized at the 2019 International AIDS Conference on HIV Science

PDP Funder Announcements


Wellcome Trust

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New PDP Publications

•  Aug 29: DNDi 2019 Annual Report. DNDi

Other Reports/ Publications

• Sep 8 2019: Malaria eradication within a generation: ambitious, achievable, and necessary. The Lancet

Related Press Releases/ Announcements/ non-Peer Reviewed Articles

•  2 Sep: Richard Smith: Does antimicrobial resistance pose “as great a threat to humanity’s future” as climate change?. BMJ Blog

•  4 Sep: How moves towards universal health coverage could encourage poor quality drugs: an essay by Elizabeth Pisani. BMJ Essay

•  4 Sep: Drug resistance puts Africa’s malaria success in peril. SciDevNet

•  5 Sep: Malaria breakthrough as scientists find ‘highly effective’ way to kill parasite. The Guardian

•  5 Sep: Diversity of Plasmodium falciparum across Sub-Saharan Africa. Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

• 6 Sep: New treatments for Ebola virus disease. BMJ

•  7 Aug: FDA Panel: Split Decision for Descovy in PrEP. Medpage Today

•  8 Aug: Used malaria test kits ‘aid drug resistance testing’. Sci Dev Net

•  9 Sep: Malaria Eradication Feasible by 2050, Says New Lancet Report. Health Policy Watch

•  10 Sep: Why we need to reimagine how we do research. Wellcome Trust

•  10 Sep: Serum Institute opens world’s largest vaccine facility. Financial Express

•  10 Sep: Microneedle Patches Could Provide the Long-Acting HIV Treatment of the Future. POZ

•  10 Sep: Researchers develop affordable new test for dengue. MedicalXpress

•  11 Sep: Scientists use gene-edited stem cells to treat HIV — with mixed success. Nature

•  11 Sep: History shows it will take more than technology and money to beat malaria. The Guardian

•  13 Sep: Kenya becomes third African nation to introduce malaria vaccine. Reuters

•  13 Sep: Malaria vaccine in Kenya - a potential game-changer. BBC

•  13 Sep: Vaccine Innovation: Europe’s crucial role in advancing global public health. Euractiv

•  14 Sep: Tuberculosis needs accelerated and continued attention. Lancet Editorial

•  14 Aug: Modern science has delivered the world powerful tools to defeat Ebola. It is not enough. STAT

•  15 Aug: New TB drug approval a milestone, all agree — with caveats, some add. Science Speaks

•  15 Aug: Promising new tuberculosis drug pretomanid approved, but will it be affordable?. MSF

•  17 Aug: One small drug, one giant leap for tuberculosis treatment. The Hill

•  20 Aug: Keep cool and carry on: the fridge protecting vaccines from power outages. The Telegraph

•  21 Aug: An Ebola cure emerges from the pharmaceutical valley of death. The Hill

•  21 Aug: Advanced malaria vaccine could offer more protection. SciDevNet

•  22 Aug: Nonprofit drug maker produces TB antibiotic after private companies wouldn’t. PBS Newshour

•  22 Aug: 2-month HIV injection could be on its way, as ViiV touts new dual-drug win. Fierce Pharma

•  22 Aug: An Ingenious Microscope Could Change How Quickly Disease Is Detected. The Atlantic

•  23 Aug: New vaccine targets killer disease tuberculosis. MedicalXpress

•  23 Aug: Fight to wipe out malaria will fail without new interventions, WHO warns. The Telegraph

•  23 Aug: Is it still too soon to assign an end date for malaria?. Devex

•  25 Aug: Global researchers bring HIV vaccine discussions to Rwanda. The New Times

•  26 Aug: New drugs for tuberculosis and ebola can help drive breakthroughs for many other threats. The Hill

•  27 Aug: Is setting a deadline for eradicating malaria a good idea?. Scientists are divided. Science

•  28 Aug: A New Oral PrEP Strategy Is On the Horizon, But Who’s Going to Get It?. AVAC

•  28 Aug: Malaria Vaccine Plan Postponed in Kenya, but Optimism Remains: Public Health Watch. Contagion Live

•  29 Aug: WHO joins coalition for free digital access to health research. WHO

Articles/ Reports on PDP related issues (peer reviewed) 

Emergent threats: lessons learnt from Ebola. P Piot, et al, Oxford Academic, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/inthealth/ihz062, Aug 6 2019.

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