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PDP Press Releases/ statements


 • 1 Oct 2018: IAVI Acquires Aeras TB Vaccine Clinical Programs and Assets

 • 9 Oct 2018: Phase I trial to evaluate safety and immunogenicity of vaccine candidate engineered to elicit targeted immune response against HIV

 • 22 Oct 2018: IAVI and Serum Institute of India to Develop and Manufacture Globally Affordable and Accessible Antibody Products for HIV


 • 16 Oct 2018: Inaugural DNDi training for health & science journalists in Kampala

 • 17 Oct 2018: Joelle Tanguy appointed Director of External Affairs at DNDi

 • 17 Oct 2018: 11th DNDi Partners’ Meeting celebrates African leadership in innovation for R&D and access to medicines


• 16 Nov 2018: FIND explores new diagnostic technologies with the potential to confirm Hepatitis C infection in community settings

• 26 Sep 2018: Scientific progress is not what is stopping us from ending TB


  •  27 Sep 2018: GARDP and Novartis announce partnership to reduce child deaths from drug-resistant infections


 • 25 Sep 2018: GSK candidate vaccine helps prevent active pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV negative adults in phase II study

TB Alliance

  •  24 Oct 2018: TB Alliance Joins Innovative Medicines Initiative to Accelerate Development of New TB Cures


 •  21 Sep 2018: Kozenis (tafenoquine) approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration for the radical cure of P. vivax malaria

•  21 Sep 2018: Single-dose tafenoquine for radical cure of P. vivaxmalaria submitted for regulatory approval in Brazil


  •  25 Sep 2018: Vietnam welcomes two locally produced vaccines for seasonal and pandemic influenza

  •  27 Sep 2018: WHO and PATH partner to globalize digital health

PDP Funder Announcements


Wellcome Trust

Funder Announcement Archives

     •     2014 PDP Funder Announcements

     •     2013 PDP Funder Announcements

New PDP Publications

•  Sep 7: IPM 2017 Annual Report. IPM

•  Sep 11: DNDi 2017 Annual Report. DNDi

•  Sep 25: EVI 2017 Annual Report. EVI

Other Reports/ Publications

• Oct 2018: Vaccines to tackle drug resistant infections An evaluation of R&D opportunities. Wellcome Trust and Boston Consulting Grou• Oct 23 2018: DR-TB Drugs under the microscope. MSF

Related Press Releases/ Announcements/ non-Peer Reviewed Articles

•  1 Nov: New treatments offer hope for tropical diseases in Africa. The East African

•  2 Nov: 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health: 90 percent of participants in short-course XDR-TB regimen cured after six months. Science Speaks

•  2 Nov: Opinion: Tech companies, here are 3 lessons for engaging in PPPs. Devex

•  3 Oct: Inside the MSF unit that tests new tools for the field. Devex

•  3 Oct: UN High-Level Meeting to end tuberculosis disappointing. Lancet

•  3 Oct: Promising Early-Stage Results for Novel Malaria Therapeutics. BioSpace

•  3 Oct: Broad Inter-Agency Group Embarks Upon Recommendations For Global Antimicrobial Resistance Policy. IP Watch

•  5 Nov: Priority Review Vouchers Revitalizing Neglected Disease Drug Development. Forbes

•  5 Nov: Wellcome and Gates join bold European open-access plan. Nature

•  5 Nov: Ebola vaccine technology could speed up development of other vaccines. Devex

•  6 Nov: Peter Hotez: It’s Time for Scientists to Speak Up for Science. Global Health Now

•  7 Nov: Release of the 2018 Assessment Report of the Global Vaccine Action Plan. WHO

•  7 Nov: African scientists are closer than ever to developing a malaria vaccine. Quartz

•  7 Nov: New Vaginal Ring Holds Promise to Reduce HIV Risk. Asia Sentinel

•  8 Nov: Scientists angry at UK visa denials for African, Asian researchers. Reuters

•  9 Nov: Outrage after visas denied for UK global health conference. Devex

•  10 Oct: DNA vaccine against Ebola virus shows potent and long-term efficacy in preclinical studies. MedicalXpress

•  10 Oct: Anti-mosquito paint: the latest weapon in the war against malaria. The Telegraph

•  10 Oct: Researchers develop unique way to attack the malaria virus. Consumer Affairs

•  10 Oct: A new public-private partnership drug stirs hope to curb maternal mortality. Devex

•  12 Nov: Industry Coalition Tries To Get Out Front Of Antibiotic Resistance Efforts. Health Policy Watch

•  12 Nov: WHO Publishes New Data, Finds Country Variations In Overuse, Misuse Of Antibiotics. Health Policy Watch

•  14 Nov: Scientists divided over new research method to combat malaria. The Guardian

•  15 Nov: Vaccinating Against Superbugs. Project Syndicate

•  15 Nov: A vaccine that could block mosquitoes from transmitting malaria. The Conversation

•  16 Oct: Could a vaccine one day protect us from malaria?. World Economic Forum

•  16 Oct: Novartis, GARDP Join Forces To Reduce Child Deaths From Antimicrobial Resistance. Health Policy Watch

•  17 Oct: Why HIV vaccine research is now about much more than HIV. STAT

•  17 Nov: Looking beyond the Decade of Vaccines. The Lancet Editorial

•  17 Oct: Groundbreaking Australian HIV trial should be replicated, researchers say. The Guardian

•  19 Oct: Global Health Grand Challenges Meeting Ends On Hopeful Note. Health Policy Watch

•  19 Oct: G77+China Plan To Take UN TB Declaration Forward: Increased Resources, Access To Medicines. IP Watch

•  22 Oct: Scientists have estimated the cost of stopping 11 diseases that could kill millions in a pandemic. Vox

•  22 Oct: British universities set up European outposts as Brexit looms. Nature

•  22 Oct: 'Severe gaps' in identifying drug resistance puts TB patients at risk, report claims. The Telegraph

•  22 Oct: Antimicrobial resistance must be policy priority, say MPs. The Guardian

•  23 Oct: HIV Vaccine Experts Sketch Road Map for Research. POZ

•  23 Oct: High prices restrict access to best drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment. MSF

•  23 Oct: Scientists capture images of antibodies working together against malaria. Science Daily

•  24 Oct: Combatting MDR-TB: Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight. PLOS Blogs

•  25 Oct: Johnson & Johnson steps up vaccines R&D—and prepares for launches—with €72M plant. Fierce Pharma

•  25 Oct: Final HIV Prevention Research Highlights from HIV R4P 2018. NIAID

•  25 Oct: 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health: GeneXpert can test stool samples to accurately diagnose TB in children. Science Speaks

•  25 Oct: 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health: First promising TB vaccine candidate in 100 years needs more resources, researchers say. Science Speaks

•  25 Oct: Child malaria deaths dramatically cut by suppository drug, shows Zambia study. The Guardian

•  25 Oct: TB drug price protests take centre stage at World Lung Conference launch. Health 24

•  26 Oct: Investing In New Antibiotic Research: Difficult Equation Discussed At World Investment Forum. IP Watch

•  27 Oct: Battles begin to turn in long war on TB. France24

•  29 Oct: Innovation at Gavi: 'The status quo will not suffice'. Devex

•  30 Oct: A study identifies new markers associated with protection by the RTS,S malaria vaccine. Eureka Alert

•  31 Oct: Research is often unpaid in sub-Saharan Africa. Nature

•  31 Oct: Drones to deliver vaccines in Vanuatu in world-first trial. The Guardian

Articles/ Reports on PDP related issues (peer reviewed) 

The Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership (GARDP): a not-for-profit antibiotic development organisation. L Piddock, The Lancet, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S1473-3099(18)30661-3, Nov 9 2018.

Estimating the cost of vaccine development against epidemic infectious diseases: a cost minimisation study. D Gouglas, et al, Lancet Global Health, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/S2214-109X(18)30346-2, Oct 17 2018.


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