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The PDP Funders Group

Increasing access to existing health technologies is key to improving global health but there is also a need for new and improved prevention methods, diagnostic tests, and treatments.

The PDP Funders Group (PFG) was set up by a number of public and private organizations providing financial support to one or more of the  developing health technologies for preventing, diagnosing or treating diseases of poverty.  

The PDP Funders Group (PFG) is an informal network of public and private organizations providing financial support to one or more product development partnerships (PDPs) developing new health technologies.  The PFG provides a forum where those responsible for managing an institution’s PDP investments can:

     •     share information and experiences to make better informed funding decisions;

     •     identify areas where it would be beneficial for funders to work together in a coordinated manner.

The PFG is also working to increase the overall resource base for R&D funding for neglected diseases, and more specifically to increase the funding available for PDPs.

The PFG would like to thank Irish Aid, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands, KfW, Wellcome Trust, and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for their financial and in-kind support.   The PFG would also like to thank the Britain-Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT) for providing organizational support.

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    Sue Kinn (S-Kinn@dfid.gov.uk)



   Alexandra Fullem (alexfullem@gmail.com)       

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