PDP Governance

Summary of PDP Governance Structures

The attached document summarizes the information in the PDP Overviews on governance structures (Board and other advisory committees) for the stand alone PDPs.  

     •     PDP Governance Structures – Information based on 2008 PDP Profiles.pdf

Summary of PDP Scientific Review Boards

In 2008 IPM commissioned a survey of other product development partnerships (PDPs) regarding their advisory boards. The goal of this survey was to document how PDPs organize their boards, including membership, tenure, and interactions with in-house leadership and staff.   Please note, this report is confidential.

     •     IPM SAB Survey - Confidential.pdf

Other information on PDP Governance

At the PDP Forum 2008 the Gates Foundation invited Colin B. Carter who co-authored a book called Back to the Drawing Board that looks at corporate boards to make a presentation.  Whilst his research has focused on corporate boards there are a number of valuable insights that are applicable to PDPs and other non-profit organizations. Please note, the content of the presentation was not shaped by or endorsed by the Gates Foundation and the PDPs were not asked at the meeting to take up his recommendations.

     •     Carter Presentation _Gates_Foundation_Apr_14_2008-2.ppt

PDPs & Partnerships

     •     PATH's Guiding Principles for Private-Sector Collaboration.  2005.

     •     PATH's Guiding Principles for Managing Conflict of Interest.  2005.