Articles on Access Issues

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     •     Including Health in Global Frameworks for Development, Wealth, and Climate Change - Workshop Summary. IOM. January 2014

     •     Discussion Framework for Clinical Trial Data Sharing: Guiding Principles, Elements, and Activities. IOM. January 2014.

     •     G-FINDER Public Search Tool:  FY 2012 data is now available on line in addition to the FY2007-FY2011. Policy Cures

     •     Next Generation Evaluation: Embracing Complexity, Connectivity, and Change.  Conference Materials from day-long conference hosted by FSG and Stanford Social Innovation Review focusing on the future of social sector evaluation.

     •     Shaping Global Partnerships for a Post-2015 World.  Patscheke S et al.  Stanford Social Innovation Review.  February 2014.

     •     Strengthening Post-Market Safety Surveillance in Low- and Middle-income Countries. A report of the Safety and Surveillance Working Group.  February 2014.

     •     Developing-world disease vaccines being prepared for human tests. Horizon. The EU Research and Innovation Magazine.  February 2014.

     •     USAID Health Related Research and Development Progress Report. USAID Report to Congress.

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     •     Innovation for a changing world: The role of US leadership in global health R&D.  GHTC. Policy Report. March 2014.

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     •     Advancing research and development to address poverty-related and neglected diseases and conditions. GHTC. May 2014

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     •     New Horizons for Vaccine Research and Innovation. Conference Report from an EC organized event 12-13 March, 2014 and the authorised version of the various presentations.  June 2014.

CSIS Publications on TB

     •     Strengthening the U.S. Approach to Tuberculosis Research and Development. Morrison JS et al. CSIS. June 2014

     •     Building New Relationships on TB Control, One BRICS at a Time. Bliss K. CSIS. June 2014

     •     Tackling Tuberculosis Abroad: The Key to TB Elimination in the United States. Moore BK et al. CSIS. June 2014

     •     Strategic U.S. Leadership—Essential to Address the Global Tuberculosis Pandemic.  Morrison JS & Nieburg P.  CSIS. June 2014