Articles on Making the Investment Case

Making the Case


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HIV Prevention

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Other neglected diseases

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Collateral Benefits

     •     Capacity Building Matters: An overview of MMV's capacity building activities. MMV. September 2013

     •     Collateral Benefits: How the Pursuit of an AIDS Vaccine Has Boosted African Research.  Thomson H. Frontlines.  June/ July 2011.

PDP Related Materials


     •     Business Case for Investment in TB vaccines.  Aeras and TBVI. 2013

     •     The need for New TB Vaccines. Aeras 2012

     •     Economics of TB Vaccine Workshop. July 18-19, 2012. Summary Report. Aeras. August 2012.

Dengue Vaccine Initiative

     •     PDVI DenguEcon, an economic model of dengue vaccination.  January 2011.


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     •     Diagnostics for Tuberculosis:  Global Demand and Market Potential


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TB Alliance

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Funder Related Material


     •     Donor Investment Choices: Modelling the value for money of investing in PD PPPs as compared to other health care and non-health care interventions.  Summary report.  Office of Health Economics (OHE).  November 2006.  Study commissioned by The Rockefeller Foundation.

     •     OHE Summary report 10.11.06.doc

     •     PDP Cost-Benefit.ppt

     •     Presentation in September 2006:  Donor investment choices for global health: modelling the value for money of investing in product development public private partnerships (PD PPPs)


     •     An Emerging Leader: Germany's Role in Neglected and Poverty-Related Disease R&D. Policy Cures. December 2013


     •     DFID Research Strategy 2008-2013

     •     DFID Research Strategy 2008-2013. Working Paper Series: Better Health

     •     Supporting the global AIDS vaccine R&D effort: the UK example.  Presentation by Sue Kinn of DFID to IAVI sponsored meeting in Berlin, November 2007. Berlin presentation for IAVI meeting - sue kinn.ppt


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     •     Improving health at home and abroad.  How the US Food and Drug Administration can maximize its global impacts. GHTC. September 2013.